Course Description

  • If Advanced Placement Language and Comp[osition was the how then Advanced Placement Literature and Composition is the why.  Through your studies in previous years you have mastered being able to identify and demonstrate various writing styles and literary concepts.  Now that you have matured into college-bound seniors, you will befocusing on the next level of analysis of trying to understand why an author chose to write what he or she wrote and why they chose everything from the format and style to the literary devices used to convey their message.  While we will strive to excel on the exam in May, our class should be considered more of a literature reading and writing workshop preparing you for your freshman year of college level.

    Reading and Writing Assignments

    The examples of "literary merit" reviewed in class range from the tragedies of Oedipus Rex and Othello to romantic Pride and Prejudice to the epic poetry of The Inferno. In addition to these major works, an extensive portion of the class will be dedicated to the study of poetry in all its forms. Aside from the pieces assigned as individual work during summer break, reading throughout the year will include in-class readings of plays and epic poetry and outside of class reading novels. In some instances analysis may take on the form of a group project of literary critique, but for the most part, students will work independently.

    Writing in this class will be in the form of exam practice. There will be repeated practice for analysis of poetry and prose selections as well as preparation for tthe open-ended essay question. All essays will be graded according to the standards and rubrics recommended by the College Board. Students will also read examples from previous years and practice essay norming to better understand the expectations of the essay readers. Occasionally students will work in groups to attack and dissect essay prompts and work towards developing appropriate thesis statements and arguments. Additionally, students will work towards creating their own, unique voices through their writing and attempt to break away from the pack of formulaic writing. In addition the study of literature, there will also be a career portfolio and research paper completed during first semester.

    Lastly, there will be brief presentations to the class based on, for first semester, two allusions of literary significance, and for the second semester, one poet biography.