• Health Education Curriculum

    Pete Smolin


    Course Description


    The curriculum is developed from the Board adopted textbook, Comprehensive Health by Goodheart-Wilcox Publishing Company. If you would like to view the materials, please contact me to arrange a convenient time. A summary of the course however, is listed below:


    Health & Wellness, Making Responsible Decisions, Physical Fitness, Nutrition Principles, Weight     Management and Eating Disorders, Mental and Emotional Health, Building Self-Esteem, Managing Stress                             

    Preventing Suicide, The Use, Misuse, and Abuse of Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco, Human Growth and Development (including STI’s and HIV/AIDS Prevention), Preventing Abuse and Violence. Health-related films and documentaries will be shown weekly and during units to enhance depth of subject matter like Intervention (A&E Channel) and graphic photos of texting and driving, STI’s, effects of drug use. Other Health videos and clips from movies will be used to enhance knowledge and connect teens to recurring issues relating to health class. No R rated movies will be shown.                       


    Course Objective

    The objective of this course is to help students develop, demonstrate, and maintain optimum health through knowledge, attitudes, and practices in the context of self-reliance and problem solving.  It is intended to help students examine values and practice decision-making skills to take conscious control of their own good health and lead to long and productive lives in our society. There will be five unit tests, daily classwork, weekly Health articles and a FINAL project given at end of semester. Textbook vocab is all online on CV website.



    Students are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful and responsible manner at all times.  It is expected that students will comply with the rules and regulations established for this school site. Weekly Health Articles make up 30% of student’s grade.



    Grades are tallied by total points.  A standard grading scale is used.  Any student who needs to make up missing assignments/tests/quizzes or requires academic assistance with the subject should see me immediately. There is no homework except weekly Health Articles worth 50 pts.


    Questions or concerns about a student’s progress/behavior, this class in general, or to preview any of the materials should be addressed to me at:  909-799-2300, or E-mail:  peter_smolin@redlands.k12.ca.us

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    Permission Slip Growth and Development Unit


    Education Codes 51240, 51550, and 51820 require parental notification of and permission for Human Growth and Development instruction.  You have the right to request, in writing, that your student not participate in this instruction. 


    My student will be_____/_____will not be participating in the Growth and Development Unit.


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