• Course Description: Honors English 9 is an accelerated course that focuses on a connected approach to student learning. Students read texts and engage in activities that inspire thoughtful conversation, discussion, and debate.

    Students will encounter authors' perspectives as they read literature from across time periods and cultures. Students will listen to the perspectives of their peers through conversations and collaborative activities. As students read the literature and engage in activities, they will formulate--and defend--their opinions as they develop their own perspectives.

    Course objectives: By the end of this course, students will be able to:

    -apply critical reading strategies to increase understanding of texts

    -write for a variety of purposes

    -confidently lead and/or participate in discussions

    Required materials: Students will be issued consumable copies of myPerspectives – Grade 9, Volume One and Volume Two. Although these are consumable, personal copies, students will be fined $28 in the event ONE or BOTH copies are lost. Students are to write their full name inside their books, as well as along the outside edge. Students must have their school ID card in order to check out additional resources (novels) as needed.

     Academic grade:  Grades are determined by a percentage of total points earned.

    The breakdown of assignments is:

    40% Projects and Writing (paragraphs and essays)

    40% Quizzes and Tests

    20% Class Work, Homework, and Participation

     Grade percentages are calculated on the following scale:

    Grade               (%) Range                    Grade               (%) Range

    A+                   97-100                         C+                  77 - 79.4            

    A                     93-96                           C                     73 - 76

    A-                    89.5-92                        C-                   69.5 - 72

    B+                   87-89.4                        D+                  67 - 69.4

    B                     83-86                           D                     63 - 66

    B-                   79.5-82                         D-                    59.5 - 62

    Make up work: Make up work for excused absences will be accepted after the due date. In order to receive full credit for a make up assignment, the student must turn in the missing work immediately after returning from an absence.  If the student is not present when an assignment is given, upon the student’s return, it is the student’s responsibility to obtain the assignment from the teacher and turn it in on the following day.  If a student is absent for several days, he/she will have the same number of days to make up the assignment for full credit.  If the assignment is not turned in promptly, the student is subject to receiving partial credit for turning the make up work in late.  Students with an excused absence who miss a test must make up the test within two weeks after returning to school.  After two weeks, the teacher has the right to give the student a zero for the test.  Tests and assignments missed due to truancies will receive a grade of zero.

    Late work: Assignments turned in one day late will first be docked 10% and then graded.  Assignments turned in two days late or more will first be docked 50% and then graded. Late/make-up work will be accepted only until progress reports are due. Any work not made up by that time will be changed from “missing” to a zero.

    Expectations for students: Blackhawks are expected to exemplify C.L.A.S.S. That means students are to respect themselves and others at all times, be seated when the bell rings, be prepared to learn by having all necessary supplies, participate in class, maintain the learning environment, exhibit positive behaviors, and encourage each other. Behavior that is disruptive and interferes with others’ learning is unacceptable and subject to discipline.

    Discipline: First offense: student-teacher conference. Second offenses: parent contact.  Further offenses will result in an administrative referral, with possible class suspension or a meeting between student, parent, teacher(s), counselor, and/or an assistant principal. Plagiarism and other serious offenses will result in an academic referral.

    Plagiarism/cheating definition and policy: Plagiarism is the submission of any work that is not your own. This includes submitting someone else’s assignment as your own, in whole or part; taking credit for group work when little or no contribution was made by you; and using a source without properly citing it.  Cheating is acting dishonestly in order to gain an unfair advantage.  This includes using hidden references during a test, copying or giving answers to another student during a test, discussing a test with others while taking it, revealing/discussing test questions or answers to students who have not yet taken the test, or asking other students about test questions or answers before taking a test.  Any student who commits plagiarism or is caught cheating will receive an “F” for the assignment or test, his/her parent will be contacted, and an academic referral will be noted in the student’s discipline file. Should a student commit plagiarism again, he/she will be subject to progressive discipline.

    Cellular phones/electronic devices: Due to concerns about cyber bullying, test security, student privacy, cheating, personal theft, and general distraction, cell phones and electronic devices are NOT to be used during class without my permission. Electronics in plain view, even if not “in use” will be confiscated and returned at the end of the day the first time. Electronics taken a second time will be sent to the office. However, I understand that personal emergencies arise from time to time. In such cases, students are to communicate such concerns with me before using their cell phones in class and arrangements will be made to allow students access to their cell phones outside of the classroom.