• Introduction


    This course is for students with little or no experience in ceramics. It will stress beginning technique in clay forming and decoration. This course also covers ceramic history , principles and elements of  design, art careers, tools, machinery, kilns , firing, and art vocabulary. Ceramic assignments will be completed through the process of sketching and the use of various hands on techniques. Final projects will be completed with the intention of being shown and discussed with myself, as well as, fellow classmates.  In addition to curriculum typically offered in a ceramics course students will learn to discuss and appreciate art through written and oral critiques.




    • One half inch three-ring binder, paper, pens, pencils and paint brushes.
    • Due to the cost of the class materials, we are asking that students pay a $40 Studio donation (or may donate $20 each semester).  This donation will cover glazes and clay used in the classroom.  Because of the high costs involved with ceramics, no work may be fired if the studio donation is not paid.
    • Optional: Overalls or an apron, and personal tools, sketchbook


    Rules and Consequences:



    • Do not throw anything in class, and no horse play
    • Keep your hands and mouths in check
    • Do not leave without permission
    • No cell phones, or using the bathroom pass to buy food or drinks



    First time: verbal warning and possible classroom duty

    Second time: Call home, a referral and possible classroom duty

    Third time: Referral, behavior contract and possible Saturday School


    Stealing, vandalism and misbehavior during my absence will not be tolerated.  This type of behavior will result in a call home and an automatic Saturday School or Suspension.  Leaving class without permission will result in a classroom duty, or three hours detention. If the detention is not served within a week, it shall become a Saturday school.




    Grades will be based on work, not talent.  Anyone who works hard and puts in the time and practice will receive a good grade.  Skill alone does not ensure an A.  Students will be graded in three areas: projects/assignments, participation and final course folder


    Projects/Assignments: 40%


    Students will be graded on finished projects.  I will be looking for a degree of understanding, the ability to follow the assignment, craftsmanship, and overall finish.  All grades will be based on a rubric, which will be addressed on each project form.  Students will complete all projects using these forms.  They will then discuss the project with the teacher, and points will be recorded and then placed inside of the student’s folder.

    Participation: 40%


    Participation will amount for half of the student’s points.  Participation will consist of student’s willingness to work on projects in class, efficient use of studio time, participation in class discussions and critiques, abiding by rules set forth by the instructor


    Participation is 40% of the student’s grade.  For every day the student misses or does not participate, he/she loses an hour of participation, tardies are ½ hour.  The hours are then converted into points that affect the student’s overall grade.   These hours may be reclaimed at the instructor’s discretion.  All absences must be made up in order to get full participation credit.


    Studio Etiquette:   10%


    Student participation and willingness to clean and straighten works spaces in classroom will amount to 10% or their final grade. Cleaning will be done on a daily basis at the end of class. There will also be designated cleaning days in which no artwork will be done and studio will be cleaned. Studio clean up activities will occur on a weekly basis every Friday.  Student assistance in cleaning activities will provide all students with a safe and healthy working environment. If students loose point for not participating they can make them up after school.


    Final Folder and Note Packet:  10%


    The student’s notebook will be graded at the end of the course and will be counted for 10 % of the student’s final grade.  This folder and note packet will consist of all class notes, handouts and completed project forms.



    Ceramics CP

    Grade Scale

        100% – 99.0% = A+

       98.9% – 92.0% = A

       91.9% – 90.0% = A-

       89.9% – 89.0% = B+

       88.9% – 82.0% = B

       81.9% – 80.0% = B-

       79.9% – 79.0% = C+

       78.9% – 72.0% = C

       71.9% – 70.0% = C-

       69.9% – 69.0% = D+

       68.9% – 62.0% = D

       61.9% – 60.0% = D-

         Below  60.0% = F






















    I expect my students to:

    • Be inside the classroom and ready to begin when the bell rings
    • Respect the classroom and the teacher
    • Respect all students and their work
    • Use appropriate behavior and language in the classroom
    • Abide by the deadline
    • Respect all substitutes and guest speakers
    • Take responsibility for their actions


    Studio Donations:


    Due to the expensive nature of a ceramics course, Citrus Valley High School asks that students pay a studio donation of $20 each semester.  These donations pays for the cost of clay, glazes, under glazes, pyrometric cones, kiln maintenance, and much more. Studio donations are optional; students only need to donate if they want to fire and keep their work. If students choose not to donate their clay project will be recycled prior to firing. All projects are graded prior to firing, so donations will not affect grades one way or another. If this donation is not within your family’s budget, please let me know in the form of a letter or with a phone call so that we can make the necessary arrangements. 


    Questions:  Please feel free to call the high school at (909) 799-2300 ext 35506. and leave a message.  I will return your call as soon as possible. 



    Mr. Cross                                 

    Ceramics Instructor