• Puraci Science Course Syllabus 2017-2018


    Instructor:  Sebastian Puraci   |  sebastian_puraci@redlands.k12.ca.us  |  909.799.2300 ext. 35562

    Course Length: Two semesters

    Materials Needed for Class Everyday:


    1. Pen and Pencil
    2. Highlighter (any color)
    3. Bottle of glue/tape
    4. Composition notebook

    Student Evaluation:

    Grades will be based on two categories – Assessments (tests, quizzes, projects, work with substitute, etc.) and Non-Assessments (typically class work and homework). Assessments are worth 60% of your grade and Non-Assessments 40%. All work must be kept! You will keep most assignments in your science notebook and packets. Do not throw anything away!

    Grades:    A =  90 – 100    |    B = 80 – 89    |    C = 70-79    |    D = 60 – 69    |    F = 50 – 59   

    Rules and Consequences:

    My goal is to create an environment that is positive, nurturing, and makes learning enjoyable.  To do this, we all need to contribute to an organized, respectful classroom. By adhering to the Classroom Norms listed below, we will all achieve our goals. The consequences for violating the norms will vary depending on the offense, and the school’s progressive discipline plan will be followed.

    Classroom Norms:

    1. No food, drink, or gum in class – water is acceptable in an enclosed container, but not during laboratory activities
    2. Be respectful to each other and the classroom
    3. Use pleasant and appropriate language in class; no vulgar, racist, demeaning, or otherwise harmful language
    4. Be mentally and physically prepared for class every day and complete tasks that are required of you
    5. All school rules apply in this classroom: no electronics use (cell phones), no horseplay, etc

    Absences/Late Work:

    If you are absent, it is up to you to contact other students/teacher to make up any work.  Assignments will typically be posted on the class page, but it is highly recommended to contact the teacher prior to any absence. Assignments will be expected to be turned in the next day you are in class. If you are absent for a text or quiz or lab, it is up to you to contact me and set up a make-up plan. If you missed a test or quiz, it is your responsibility to make it up the day you return. There will be 20% deduction in points for the assignment for every day late. This includes turning it in after the class period it is due. Unexcused, truant, or absences cleared 1 week or later after the date of the test will result in a zero, with no make-ups. Please be diligent in clearing absences! Most assignments are to be completed and attached into the notebook, and there is always more than enough time to complete the work before the notebook is due.


    To reach your full potential in this upper level science course, it will be necessary to study the content outside of class. The more repetition, the more likely you will remember. I recommend you review the content daily for at least ten minutes. This course will be a combination of memorization as well as understanding conceptual knowledge, and presenting your acquired knowledge.

    Please review this syllabus with your parents/guardians, sign the syllabus and return it to class. This is to assure that you have seen and understand our policies. I am looking forward to a great year together!