• https://v2.versoapp.com/loginVersoapp

    Verso is an online discussion forum.  Click on the link above to go there.

    See Mr. Rice for your username or if you need to reset your password.

  • My Romeo and Juliet

    My Romeo and Juliet is an interactive website that features the entire play as well as

    modern translations and videos to help you understand Shakespeare.

  • SpeakPipe-Voice Recorder

    SpeakPipe Voice Recorder allows you to record an audio presentation up to 5 minutes

    There are no editing options, but it also does not require a login.

  • ZType

    Want to hone your typing skills while attacking invading aliens? Click on ZType.

  • Research Databases

  • Easel.ly

    Use Easel.ly to create beautiful online infographics It's free and easy.

  • https://redlandsschools.rosettastoneclassroom.com/en-US