• English Classes are required courses meeting graduation requirements for the State of California.  In order to graduate, both semesters of my English classes must be passed.

    English classes focus on Common Core-based instruction in writing effective essays, grammar conventions, vocabulary, and reading/responding to literature aligned with Common Core English standards.

    Student essay assessment is based on the Redlands High School Essay grading rubrics, and on Modern Language Association (MLA) conventions that are followed in all high school and university English classes.

    Instruction will incorporate technology and electronic processing as much as possible.


    Journalism/News Production class is an elective course, meeting the "g" criteria in "a-g" criteria UC requirements for California students.

    Hobachi is our newspaper and we have been in print since the 1923-1924 school year. Before that, we were called the RHS High Notes

    Hobachi means "the echo" and we are proud to be the "Echo" of Redlands High School.

    As a staff, we pride ourseives in being outstanding in academic excellence and responsibility.

    Our newspaper has been chartered with the University of Iowa, School of Journalism, since December 1950, and many of our staff members are lifetime Journalism International Honor Society recipients with the prestgious Quill and Scroll at the University of Iowa George H. Gallup School of Journalism.  

    The purpose of this journalism class is to learn the process of writing, business, and ethics of journalism and produce a quality newspaper. Our goal is to highlight and explain events and school-related activities, and to publish professional, award-winning news stories with quality and pride.

    Hobachi has a long history which reflects the tradition of our city and Redlands culture. We are a professional publication and adhere to rights and laws pertaining to our First Amendment Rights.