Considerable emphasis is placed on the development and enhancement of critical thinking skills and creative problem solving.  Students are required to read and write extensively on many topics, using both classic and contemporary works of literature as a foundation for developing skills in comprehension, analysis, and interpretation.  There is also an emphasis on creative expression and self-improvement. Students will review grammar and skills necessary for accuracy in writing. Advanced study in communication skills involves oral as well as written language.  Students will work on individual and group activities designed to enrich their awareness of the humanities.  Oral and visual presentations are an integral part of assessment, along with written work.

    Course Textbook: myPerspectives Grade 10, Pearson Education

    Supplemental Texts: The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. HydeThe AlchemistAnimal FarmThe Great GatsbyThe Taming of the Shrew, and Bless Me, Ultima



    English 11 is a chronological survey of American Literature from the Colonial period forward.  The literature studied reflects the historical developments and philosophies of various time periods. myPerspectives, published by Pearson Education, is the primary textbook we will be using for this course. While this is the primary textbook, it will also be supplemented by additional novels and plays. Juniors in the HEART Academy follow the English 11 ELA/literacy standards which highlight the growing complexity of texts students must read to be ready for the demands of college, career, and life.  Throughout the year, an emphasis will be made to make connections between medical service skills and the regular coursework.  Joint projects with other academy teachers will take place.  All literature studied will be the basis for discussion, interpretation, composition, vocabulary, and grammar instruction.  The Academy’s certification portfolio, which will be completed during the senior year, will continue to be worked on this year.

    Course Textbook: myPerspectives American Literature, Pearson Education

    Supplemental Texts: A Separate PeaceCannery RowThe Glass Castle, and Of Mice and Men



    AVID stands for students who want Advancement Via Individual Determination.  AVID is a program which prepares students for entry into a four-year college program.  An AVID student is defined as enthusiastic, ardent and characterized by vigorous pursuit.  AVID students sign a contract and are expected to maintain at least a “C” average, study a minimum of two hours a night, make organization a priority, and apply for advanced classes. All students are to behave appropriately and be respectful and courteous. 

    As juniors, eligible AVID students are provided with the opportunity to attend the optional Junior Overnighter Trip in the Spring. This experience is one-of-a-kind as students travel up the California coast visiting upwards of 10 colleges and universities to get a better idea of where they might want to apply during their senior year.