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    As we welcome you to our school, the Orangewood staff hopes that you will take advantage of the many opportunities you will find here. Think seriously about getting involved in student government, athletics, AVID, Speech and Debate or the many other activities you will find on this campus. There are many opportunities for you at a smaller school like Orangewood.

    Smaller classes and an outstanding, dedicated staff will make it possible for you to have more individualized help than ever before. We can help you to put together a program that will meet your special needs for graduation. The key is for YOU to establish excellent attendance and to get involved.

    Our school day will enable you to take extra classes period 7 or be involved in career preparation programs. It is also possible for you to obtain employment while you work toward your diploma and receive credit for your work experience. If you need help, just ask! We are here to serve you.


    The mission of Orangewood High School is to provide students a supportive and alternative educational environment empowering them with the skills to be responsible and to succeed academically, vocationally, and socially.


    Orangewood High School exists to provide educational experiences for students who, for a variety of reasons, need an alternative method of learning from that which the traditional high school has to offer. It is our goal to provide a relevant education within a flexible atmosphere and a small school environment. The course curriculum is aligned with the Common Core State Standards for high school education, however as often as possible, the subject material will be related to the practical aspects of everyday living and future career needs. The objective of each course is to assist students in developing their potential according to their unique capabilities and to encourage every student to gain a strong, positive sense of self-worth.

    PBIS Statement of Purpose

    Orangewood High School exists to empower students to achieve their visions for the future by teaching academic skills, creating a positive and safe environment, and modeling responsible habits and behaviors.



    1. All students can learn and be successful.
    2. Small classes enhance the learning environment through increased student/teacher interaction.
    3. Positive classroom environment sets the foundation for learning.
    4. Every student can make a positive contribution to our community.
    5. Social, physical, and mental activities are encouraged to enhance well-being and self-esteem.
    6. A safe and respectful environment in which to teach and learn is crucial.
    7. Individuality is to be encouraged and respected.
    8. All students are given a fresh opportunity upon enrollment.
    9. Students need to be offered choices, given responsibility and be held accountable.
    10. Positive recognition guides and motivates student achievement.

Principal's Message

  • July 2017

    Welcome to Orangewood High School - Home of the Dragons!

    I hope that you enjoy our newly constructed OHS website. Some pages may still be under construction, but will hopefully have all the information that you seek in the very near future. We are working diligently to provide as much information about our school as possible.

    We are very proud of the fact that we were once again awarded the California Model Continuation High School designation in 2017. We continue to expand our course offerings, student services, and academic opportunities for students, so that they may become college and career ready for any post-high school experience that they choose.

    Please feel free to email or call me if you have any questions about Orangewood High School! I love to talk about the amazing things happening at OHS!!


    Carol Ruhm
    Principal, OHS
    909-307-5380 ext. 38102