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    August 2022 

    Welcome to Orangewood High School - Home of the Dragons! 

    We are excited to welcome our students back to campus in 2022! OHS strives to create an environment that is welcoming, supportive, and rigorous. These efforts were rewarded with a California Model Continuation High School designation in 2020 and a six-year WASC accreditation in 2019.

    As we journey into the 2022-2023 school year, the staff and administration continue to expand our course offerings. We strive to offer relevant courses, rigorous instruction, and individualized support for ALL students. By focusing on instruction, collaboration, and innovative technology, OHS teachers are lifelong learners who want every child to succeed. 

    OHS is a small school with a big heart. We are here to support the whole child. Our course offerings, enrichment opportunities, and behavioral supports are all geared toward creating a safe environment for students to learn and grow. Additionally, we updated our facilities to increase security measures, including additional fencing and supervision. 

    Our website is updated frequently to provide information regarding orientation meetings, schedules, events, and more. Please visit the site regularly to stay informed about all upcoming events and schedules. 

    Lastly, we are here to serve the Redlands Community. Please feel free to stop by the office to ask questions, visit the counselor or inquire about future intake meetings. We are here to help.


    Carli Norris
    Principal, OHS

     Orangewood High School ~ Different by Design  


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