• Independent Study Is: 

    * Instruction aligned with state standards and district approved curriculum 

    * Individualized instruction with flexible scheduling 

    * An optional alternative to regular classroom instruction 

    * The parent signs up to be the teacher at home. The HELP program facilitates the content.

    HELP is an independent study (or Home School) program for students in grades K-8. 
    This program is available as an alternative to the regular school for RUSD students. 
    Please see an administrator at your home school for additional information.

    Typical HELP Schedule


    Students meet with their teacher once per week (parents MUST attend the weekly meeting).
    Students receive all their classroom instruction for a week’s worth of work within their one weekly meeting.
    RISE Application

    The RISE Application Process begins at a student's home school (the school where the child is already attending).  Students and parents must meet with an administrator and/or counselor to discuss the HELP program requirements and the application must be signed by a student's parent, counselor, and administrator before the application will be considered at RISE