• GATE at Moore Middle School

    If you have questions about GATE, please contact Noreena Bender at 909-307-5440 ext. 43805 or email: noreena_bender@redlands.k12.ca.us

    GATE Program Mission Statement
    We, the governing Board, teachers, support staff, and administrators of the Redlands Unified School District, believe that students with high ability and talents should be nurtured and encouraged throughout their educational careers.  We further believe that in order to meet the needs of our gifted and talented students, programs must be established at all schools to permit these students to work together, under the guidance of trained teachers, in an atmosphere that is academically rigorous.  Common Core curriculum is the foundation for the differentiated instruction and methodologies used.  Students will be permitted to work at an accelerated pace, deal with complex, in-depth subject matter, and demonstrate their talents in creative and unique ways. Finally, we believe that gifted education should be an integral part of every school day for every gifted child.
    GATE Program Process
    The Redlands Unified School District offers a Gifted and Talented Education program designed to provide qualitatively different instructional strategies for students who demonstrate the intellectual capacity that places them among the top three to five percent of students nationwide.  The law requires that gifted students receive qualitatively differentiated instruction.  To satisfy this requirement and reduce the amount of record keeping necessary to insure compliance, the Redlands Unified School District has determined that GATE students will be clustered, whenever possible.
    What is a Differentiated Curriculum?
    GATE classrooms are structured within a differentiated curriculum.  While the state standards and curriculum is the same as that taught to all students, a differentiated curriculum focuses on four areas:


    • Acceleration/Pacing:


    Students are permitted to move faster through the curricular content and are given credit for what they already know.


    • Depth:


                Students are given opportunities to study aspects of the curriculum in greater depth.   They become experts in fields of study that link to the core curriculum.  Students are encouraged to think like a scholar by practicing scholarly pursuits.


    • Complexity:


          Students are given opportunities to make connections between content areas.  Students are taught using an inter-disciplinary thematic approach in order to see the relationships between all areas of study. Students will use the Icons of Depth and  Complexity to help organize their thoughts and make new connections.

    • Novelty:

          Students are given opportunities to share what they know creatively.  They are    encouraged to present projects that reflect their interests, talents, and abilities.

    What Are GATE Clusters?
    Research from the Center on Gifted and Talented Youth at the University of Connecticut at Harford, as well as the Johns Hopkins Center for the Gifted and Talented, support the use of clusters as a way of meeting the differentiated needs of gifted students.  The Redlands Unified School District recognizes this research and places identified GATE students in grades 3-6 in cluster classes with trained GATE teachers
    What about Middle School GATE Students?
    The district GATE plan specifies the GATE clusters continue through the sixth grade.  Once students move to seventh grade, the program shifts from a potential based to a performance based program.  These accelerated classes are offered in English/Language Arts and Mathematics under the guidance of GATE certified teachers.  Some middle schools add Science and/or Social Studies to the list of classes that are accelerated.  Students are placed in these classes based on their academic performance, state testing results, semester exam grades, report card grades, attendance, and teacher recommendations are used to determine placement.  This process allows more students to take part in an accelerated program even if they are not identified as GATE students.  Students who are identified GATE but are not in the accelerated classes are still considered GATE students. These students are offered opportunities to attend GATE activities.
    The 2013-2014 school year offered educational field trips to Dana Point Ocean Institute for 6th grade, an animation workshop at Disney California Adventure for 6-8th grade and  a grade level performing arts assembly, The Odyssey for 6th grade.
    GATE Program Links
    The following are suggested links to websites that might be of interest to parents of GATE students:
    State Dept. of Education web site.  You can follow the prompts to the office of Gifted and Talented Education
    California Association for the Gifted. This site has a wealth of information on gifted and opportunities for parents and educators to become actively involved in gifted education.  This site also links to many other related sites.
    GATE Contact Information at Moore
    Noreena Bender, GATE Site Coordinator
    Phone: (909) 307-5440
    E-mail: noreena_bender@redlands.k12.ca.us
    Moore Website: http//www.moore.redlandsusd.net/           
    District Website: http://www.redlandsusd.net/


    Information on the John Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth (CTY) is currently available.  You can register on line at www.cty.jhu.edu.  The talent search is open to sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students who achieved in the 97th percentile or better on last year’s SAT 9 test.  This is a chance to take the SAT1 test and begin practicing for the college entrance exams. 




    If you are interested in subscribing to “Parenting for High Potential – Developing your Child’s Gifts & Talents”, you can visit their web site at www.nagc.orgThe National Association for Gifted Children publishes this magazine.