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    Moore Drama Productions and about all the "dramatic" fun we have on campus!

    12 Angry Pigs and # (a musical)
    Audition Workshop (hosted by Advanced Performing Arts elective)
    -Thursday, Oct 5th (3:30-4:15)

    Fall Play Auditions:
    -Tuesday, 10th (3:30-5:30)
    -Wednesday, 11th (3:30-5:00)
    Students will be asked to:
    -Slate (state name, age, grade, and why they want to be in Drama),
    -Perform a monolog (memorization is not necessary; focus on voice inflection, facial expression, and body language);
    -Follow director's directions
    *Please submit a grade check to Miss Cavarno prior to Thursday, Oct 12th; students must maintain 2.0 GPA or higher to perform in the play

    Rehearsals will be twice a week, one day for each production until closer to the performance; then each production will be rehearsing more frequently.