Course Description

  • This course is designed to prepare upper level students to succeed on the AP Exam. It is designed around 6 instructional themes: (1) Identities; (2) Contemporary Life; (3) Family & Community; (4) Beauty & Aesthetics; (5) Science & Technology; and (6) Global Challenges. AP students continue to develop and strengthen their command of the Spanish Language while expanding their cultural knowledge & understanding. The goal is proficiency in communication using the interpretive; interpersonal; and presentational modes of learning. Critical thinking skills are enhanced through authentic, and level-appropriate audio recordings and/or videos. Students are also further exposed to the world of literature and current events of Spanish-speaking countries through authentic written texts, including newspaper and magazine articles, literary texts, and other non-technical writings that develop students' reading and comprehension abilities.

    Class is conducted in Spanish and includes frequent writing and integration of skills with a review of grammatical structures. Advanced organizational and analytical strategies are taught. An array of resources is used as necessary to facilitate the learning process. Culture is learned through focusing on the products, practices, and perspectives of Spanish speaking peoples throughout the Spanish speaking world.

    Course Materials:

    Our school uses several texts as core materials:

    Abriendo Paso – Temas y Lecturas

       (Pearson, publisher; Diaz, Nadel – authors, copyright 2014)

    AP Spanish - Preparing for the Language & Culture Exam (Workbook)

       (José Diaz, Maria Nadel - authors, copyright 2014)

    Abriendo Paso - Gramática

       (Prentice Hall, publishers; Diáz, Nadel, Collins - authors; copyright 2007)

    Abriendo Paso - Lectura

       (Prentice Hall, publishers; Diáz, Nadel, Collins - authors; copyright 2007)