• In English we will be using the 6th grade Collections text. Students will be provided one to take home and you can access the text online at https://my.hrw.com . The text is used mostly in class, however, some assignments can be completed at home if students need more time.  For homework, we will have weekly spelling that is given on Monday and due on Friday. To work on splinter skills and reinforce ELA concepts we will be using Lexia Power Up on www.lexiapowerup.com   Also, a monthly “Books Are Really Fun Log” (BARF Log) is due at the end of the following months: 

    September, October, November, January,  February, and April 

    **All BARF Logs require a parent signature acknowledging you have seen them reading that month. This sheet explains the points given for pages read (1 page = 1 point), dates due, and has a chart each student needs to fill out on a brief description of what they read. These are worth 100 points and students can read up to 50 extra pages for 50 extra points!!! I encourage students to read more than 150 pages, however, they can only earn 50 extra points per BARF log.