AP Physics Summer Assignment

  • Welcome to AP Physics! We will need to hit the ground running in August so the following assignments are meant to introduce you to calculus and the graphical analysis method we will be using in most of our labs including the one on the first day of school (bring your data book). Assignments will be due by 5:00 PM on Friday and should be sent to my email at paul_devoe@redlands.k12.ca.us or they can be turned into my mail box on North Campus.  It is encouraged you turn in assignments early if you will be out of town on the day an assignment is due.  Single assignments should take the student 30-45 minutes.  All assignments will be entered into the first semester grade. The reading, worksheets, videos, and video questions can be found at the teacher’s page at https://www.redlandsusd.net/rhs under the AP Physics Summer Assignment section. If you are having difficulty with an assignment let me know through email and I can arrange to meet you at the school for help.  Below I list the summer assignments and their due dates. 




    Due Date


    Quick Calculus Video 1 and Questions

     June 14th


    Quick Calculus Video 2 and Questions

    June 21st


    Quick Calculus Video 3 and Questions

    June 28th


    Quick Calculus Video 4 and Questions

    July 12th


    Quick Calculus Videos 5 and 6 and Questions

    July 19th


    Graphical Analysis Reading and WS 1 and WS 2

    July 26th


    I look forward to working with you over the summer and seeing you in August,


    P.N. DeVoe


    The following six videos provide an introduction to calculus and how it is used in physics.  Each is associated with video questions for you to answer.  The first three videos run about a half hour while the last two are 20 minutes and 10 minutes respectfully.  My apologies for the advertisements which I encourage you to skip.

    Quick Calculus Video 1

       Video 1 Questions

    Quick Calculus Video 2 Using Derivatives

       Video 2 Questions

    Quick Calculus Video 3 Integration

       Video 3 Questions

    Quick Calculus Video 4 Physics Uses of Calculus

       Video 4 Questions

    Quick Calculus Video 5 Definite Integrals

    Quick Calculus Video 6 Averages

       Video 5 and 6 Questions


    For the last week of the summer assignment read the following description of graphical analysis and complete the following worksheets.

    Graphical Analysis Reading

    Summer WS 1

    Summer WS 2