• HISTORY 6: Ancient Civilizations of the World

    My History class requires students to study the material nightly. Students need to comprehend the material and review it at home. We take Cornell Notes based off of the textbook info and my multimedia slides. (You can find my multimedia slides in the FILES section of my web page according to the chapter.) Students take notes from my PowerPoints in class, at home that night they are to write cues/questions in the left column, and the next day in class they write a 3-5 sentence summary of their notes.
    Students will be turning in your chapter notes the day of the chapter test. Be sure they are neatly labeled, in order, and stapled.
    There will be a quiz for every two lessons. Be sure to complete the Reading Study Guides (RSG's), and you MUST highlight evidence in the text that supports your answers.

    Important Student information:

    Student Google Account: username= first+last(1st 3 letters).SSID (1st 5 digits)@redlandsschools.net    password= Permanent ID (9 digit #)


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