• The "What I Need" (WIN) Intervention Program and Math Intervention Program (LCAP-funded) each support general education students in need of individualized instruction and small group support in reading/writing and math, respectively.  Students are selected based on multiple measures of assessment:

    • Reading fluency screening
    • Teacher input
    • Benchmark assessment scores
    • Progress report and/or report card marks
    • Online reading or math assessments

    Students are then placed into small grade level groups and work intensively with our intervention teachers in 30 min lessons four times per week.  These sessions focus on the specific fundamental skills each group needs to be successful readers, writers, and math students.  At the end of each session (approximately 10 weeks) students are re-assessed and another group with its own specific needs begins again.

    We are proud to offer this highly effective program to help students gain foundational reading, writing, and math skills necessary for them to be successful in school.

    Questions?  Contact Mrs. Steinhaus for math, or Mrs. Sternberg and Mrs. Morgenthaler for reading/writing.