I'm so glad you've stopped by Room 1 today!

Important Information

  • First Grade Supply List


    You should have received a First Grade supply list. However, just in case, here are some items that would be helpful for First Grade. 

    1. A backpack is a must: The non-rolling kind is best.

    2. 2 plastic, plain folders with pockets and no prongs.

    3. A few pencils, sharpened at home ahead of time.

    4. One large eraser (with your child's name written on it).

    5. A box of 24 crayons. 

    6. A few glue sticks. I would send one at a time about every month or so. 

    7. A box of Kleenex. I will store them in the classroom. 

    8. A ream of copy paper, white. 





    Xtra Math

    Your child has been enrolled in a free online program called XTra Math. XTra Math is designed to help develop automaticity in math facts, in a fun and engaging way. A flyer will come home Monday, with your child's user name and password. We will use it in class but you can also use this free program at home! This is the third year I've used this program, with great results. Our first grade standard is to begin to memorize our math facts - this program really makes a difference! I highly recommend that you use it a couple of times a week. It is personalized for each child's growth and is differentiated! Please let me know what you think of this program.

    Library Time

    Our library time has been scheduled for Friday. We will start with one book for check out and then "grow" to two books, as we become more responsible. Please help your child remember to return books on Friday morning. (Hint: Put your library book with your homework folder and return both!) Thanks!


    In the beginning of the school year, I will ask you to let me know how your child will be getting home from school. During the school year, this sometimes changes. If your child is going home in a different way, be sure to tell me. Often our First Graders don't remember what the plan for that day is. If I know, I can reassure your child. 

    Box Tops for Education

    Please remember to clip Box Tops for Education and send them in to Room 1. They're worth ten cents each for our school! Each classroom has a friendly rivalry each year: We compete to be the class that returns the most Box Tops! It's fun and the children enjoy helping to clip and return Box Tops. 

    Printer Ink Cartridges

    Did you know that Mariposa can earn money with empty printer ink cartridges and toner cartridges? Send them in with your child! There's a box right by the office to collect them. It's also wonderful for the environment: The cartridges are recycled instead of ending up in a landfill.