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    Welcome to the Redlands Unified School District's Student Information System.  With an Aeries Parent portal, you and your children can easily access and share real-time information, increasing communication between you and your child's teachers.  Through an Aeries Parent Portal, you can:

    1. Stay connected to the School & Teachers.
    2. Stay up-to-date with assignments and grades.
    3. You have the ability to choose your courses online.
    4. You can update your student's authorizations, download the student handbook, and update contacts.
    5. The Student Profile will provide you with a comprehensive view of your child's progress.

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  • Communications Aeries Communications

    Parents, Do you want to know what’s going on at your children's school?  Do you want to receive alerts when your child is absent or their grade is falling? Aeries Communications provides you with an easy way to receive urgent messages, stay up-to-date on school activities and contact your child’s teachers.

    1. Aeries Communications lets each member decide when and how they want to be notified. Giving you control on how you want to be communicated with.
    2. Aeries Communications lowers barriers so you can quickly jump in and communicate directly with teachers and school departments no matter what language you may speak.
    3. We know you are on the go. Aeries Communications can easily be accessed via desktop, tablet or mobile device. Additional settings are available for text messages and voice calls.

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  • data Aeries Data Confirmation

    In efforts to reduce paper and make registration a more efficient process, each summer you will be asked to review and update your student's demographic and contact data online. You'll also read through the school policies and information. 

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