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Redlands Unified School District

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Welcome to Accounting

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See Below for Forms and Contacts for the Account Department

Fernanda Naves , Director I, Accounting & Payroll

  • Accounting and Payroll Oversight

Cristina Bradley, Fiscal Analyst

  • Budget Development/Monitoring/Maintenance
  • Categorical Funds
  • Internal/External Reporting
Accounting Technicians

Lucinda Romo

  • Site/Department Requisition Approval/Budget Oversight
  • Special Services Budget Oversight
  • Reprographic Charges

Eric Quesenberry

  • Site/Department Requisition Approval/Budget Oversight
  • Maintenance & Operations Budget Oversight
  • General Billing
Accounts Payable
  • Christina Resendez
    • A-M Vendors
    • A-M Employee Reimbursements
  • Toni Reffner
    • Cal-Card/Utility Payments
    • Consultant/Contract Payments
  • Indira Ghosh
    • N-Z Vendors
    • N-Z Employee Reimbursements
Accounts Receivable/Payable
  • Geraldine Patterson
    • Cash Receipts/Deposits
    • Revolving Cash
    • Copier/Postage/Transportation/Work Order Charges
    • 1099 Reporting
Account Clerk
  • Vacant
    • Accounting Department Support