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In an effort to more effectively and efficiently communicate with our staff, families, and community members, the Redlands Unified School District has adopted an electronic flyer communication tool called “Peachjar.”

Posting school flyers electronically removes a significant administrative burden from teachers, office staff, and volunteers. Peachjar is not only a more environmentally friendly service, it will reduce the costs for our community partners.

Parents have a few ways to access their student’s school and district-approved digital flyers.

  1. e-Flyers are sent directly to the parent emails we have on file.
  2. Parents can click the Peachjar button on your school or the district’s website homepage.
  3. Parents can click the Peachjar button on the free Redlands Unified School District app. 

Thank you for supporting our efforts to ensure our families, staff and community members are well informed about district programs, activities, and events.

If you have any questions regarding this new digital flyer service, please email