Krystal Daniels



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Krystal Daniels

Krystal Daniels  began her studies as a college athlete at the University of California Riverside, where her passion started to grow in serving our youth. After earning her Bachelor's degree in Psychology, Krystal explored the mental health career while working as a residential worker in a group home located in Pasadena, CA. With her passion growing for servicing mental health needs amongst our youth she moved to New York to continue her studies. While attending the University of Buffalo, she also coached for their the Division I Softball program. After graduating with her M.Ed in Counseling and Education she decided to move back home to California, where she received her PPS Credential in 2013 from Cal State San Bernardino. She then began working as a Clinical Therapist for a local community services program geared towards foster youth and youth on probation. After two years as a clinician, she took a position as an elementary school counselor for Anaheim Elementary School District where she was nominated as "Life Changer of the Year 2018-19".  She recently joined Redlands Unified School District as an elementary school counselor for Smiley and Mariposa Elementary. Krystal is excited to be able to bring her experience in building positive relationship which foster social-emotional and academic growth.

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