• Tenacious Tiger Vision

    Who we are. What we are. What we want to become. 

    The big picture in one sentence:

    The strength of our instruction, coupled with the relationships we foster, and our connections with our community will allow our students to experience greater success.

    We Value:

    • Compassion - Kindness is a strength.
    • Achievement - Our goal is the success for all.
    • Connectedness - We need each other.
    • Humility - We can always learn more.

    Schoolwide Objectives:

    • Promote cooperation and communication between school and home.
    • Students will succeed by emphasizing high academic expectations for all and excellence of self-worth.
    • Provide additional support and assistance for students to advance their literacy skills.
    • Support staff professional development to provide ever higher quality instruction.
    • Collaborate with and among grade levels to promote strong lesson planning.
    • Involve community groups in school activities.

    Student Objectives:

    Victoria students will demonstrate:

    • Individual excellence and a desire for life-long learning.
    • Critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision making abilities.
    • Effective communication and social skills.
    • Positive self-esteem and self-discipline.