• "How much good inside a day? Depends how good you live 'em.
    How much love inside a friend? Depends how much you give 'em."
    A Light in the Attic, by Shel Silverstein

  • Welcome to Mrs. Nowak's 4th Grade!

  • In this class, we learn to expand our thinking, push ourselves to persevere through challenges, discuss what we are doing, and reflect on our learning daily. We WRITE and TALK about everything we do! Students often leave their "home base" desk, working in various settings around the room as they explore our fourth-grade concepts through a variety of self-guided discoveries. If you have any questions about what is happening in class at any point during the year, please don't hesitate to contact me, or even better drop by and join in the fun (all visitors must have submitted a volunteer packet to the office by October 13, 2017). Use this website to keep informed on what is happening in our class, learn more about some of our programs and current projects, and find contact information and resources!

Important Announcements

  • In this section you will see our calendar of all important dates that may relate to our classroom or the school as a whole, and we will also have any important announcements posted at the top. These announcements will include important upcoming dates to be aware of, such as a field trip or test, notice about a special activity we are doing in class or a project the students will be bringing home, a request for donations or help with something happening in the classroom, and it may occasionally even be used for a shout out to a deserving student or group of students.

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  • School-wide Donations Requested!

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    Monday, students will be bringing home a flyer requesting donations for the Fall Festival Opportunity Drawing baskets!  Fourth grade classes have been asked to bring items relating to a "Family Game Night" theme!  This is a super fun basket!  You could donate a favorite (new) game, snacks, or anything else that comes to mind when you hear "Family Game Night!"  After school Monday, there will be a sign-up list on our classroom door to let families claim certain items, but feel free to send in items right away if you happen to be shopping this weekend and want to buy early!

    We would also like to continue to encourage ALL families to join the PTA!  The PTA Membership drive is ongoing, with a school-wide incentive of a popcorn party for the class with the highest percentage of students who have had at least one membership submitted on their behalf.  So far we have had 56% of our class submit memberships, which is great, but I'd love if we could get to 75% or even 100%!  A membership in the PTA does not require any time commitment, it is simply a donation of $10 saying you support the J&B PTA and the events they do here at the school.  A portion of your donation pays for PTA membership dues, and the rest stays at Judson!  Please ask me if you have any questions about the PTA Membership Drive.

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  • Class Volunteers

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    Anyone who wants to volunteer in any way, which includes chaperoning field trips, helping in class or at school events, or even coming to hang out with us during class parties or at other fun times, MUST submit a completed Volunteer Packet to the office by the October 13 deadline. Packets can be requested through the office, and must be fully submitted in one piece.

    I strongly encourage EVERYONE in your family who thinks they may want to come to the campus at any point to fill it out. Turning in your volunteer packet does not require you to volunteer, it does not sign you up for anything, it just gives you the opportunity to be on campus with us at a future event if you decide you want to. The office will NOT accept any late packets, so this is your one chance to turn it in this year.

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  • "Getting to Know You" Survey (for parents)

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    As we begin this year together, the students and I will be doing lots of get-to-know-you activities as we build our classroom community. However I would also love hearing a little more about your family and especially your student through your eyes as well. If you would please take the time to complete this brief Getting to Know You survey, I would greatly appreciate it. Your answers will be confidential, and are only used to give me a better insight into your child's life at home and how I can best prepare to teach him/her at school.

    To access the survey you will need to have a Google account (you can get a free one here), but if you do not have or want to set up one let me know and I can send home a paper version of the survey as well. At Back-to-School Night on the evening of August 9 we will have computers in class ready to take the survey right then with or without a Google Account, or extra print surveys for you to take home as well. However if you'd like to get a jump-start on it now, here it is! (If your child lives between two parents, I'd appreciate each household completing the survey separately.)

    Click here to access the "Getting to Know You" Survey (via Google)


    Click here to email me to request a paper version

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