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Mrs. Karcher

March 2020

Hello Students!                                                     

Since we are not in school at this time, I wanted to give you some ideas for staying fit and keeping yourself physically and mentally healthy. You'll feel better if you are getting the recommended 60 minutes of exercise each day!

Keep a weekly log of activities you participate in with the date, what you did, and how many minutes you played. It's important to remember safety and social distancing, so ask your parents before deciding what to do and where to play.

Here are some ideas for different activities you can participate in. Before you begin, remember to stretch using our class stretch routine.


Suggested Activities:

See how many jumping jacks, pushups, crunches, or other exercises you can do in 20 seconds.  Then try to improve each time!

Ride your bike, scooter, or skateboard (don't forget your helmet).

Walk your dog or just take a walk.

Run around the block.

Dance or exercise to your favorite songs.

Jump Rope

Teach yourself how to juggle.

Toss a ball or play a game of softball, Frisbee, or football with your family.

Make up your own game.

Set up an obstacle course and time yourself to see how fast you can get through it.

Plan relay races for your family using balloons, pillows, or other things around your house.

Play handball on an outside wall.


Click on the tab to access a printable activity log (Assignments section), or access other fun fitness activities in the Resources section.


The possibilities are endless! Just choose an activity that you enjoy, and have fun!