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Mrs. Fox


Welcome to Mrs. Fox's 7th and 8th Grade Social Studies!  

I absolutely love my job and find it an enjoyable pastime to create new, challenging, fun, and creative lessons, activities and projects for my students and classes.  I enjoy helping students learn, as well as helping them to find enjoyment, understanding, relevance and "real life" connections to our world's rich and exciting history through our class discussions, activities, and projects.  While history and academics is very important, I also enjoy using the colorful stories history provides to help teach the importance of good character and moral fiber and be a small part of helping to make the next generation a group of compassionate, open-minded, kind, respectful, and caring adults.  I am looking forward to a wonderful year and new adventure with this year's group of students! 

Please make note of the links on the left side of this web page - these are my class websites.  We will using them frequently throughout the year in combination with Google Classroom.  Please be sure to click on the 7th grade website link if in 7th Grade, and the 8th grade website link if in 8th Grade.