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Mr. Curran

It's me, Mr. Curran.  I am an Instructional Coach with RUSD and teach 10th grade English at CVHS.  Please email any specific questions using the links here.

  • As you all know, I work offsite many days and my exact location even on campus varies.  Therefore, in order to establish a day and time for us to meet if you need tutoring or extra help please do the following:

    1.  Come up with several days/times you are available during lunch or after school on MONDAYS, WEDNESDAYS, OR FRIDAYS only.

    2.  Email me at and title the email "Tutoring Request"  In the body of the email put at least three days and times you are available to meet and what we will be discussing -BE SPECIFIC.  If you write "HELP" I have no idea what to prep.  Allow me at least 48 hours notice before the first available date, if you email me Monday the first available time won't likely be until Wednesday.  I will pick the date and time which I can do and reply back confirming it.

    3.  Your work isn't done yet.  Add the agreed upon date and time to your own calendar and REMIND ME THE DAY OF OUR SCHEDULED MEETING when you are in class: "Don't forget I will be coming in at lunch today Mr. Curran."

    4.  Utilize email or google response on assignments to ask questions that I can answer with short or yes/no responses.  Things like: "Do I have to include a bibliography" or "May I use my Uncle Joe's blog as a reputable source for my research essay?"

    5.  Plan ahead!  If you have to cancel, let me know as soon as you can. I will give you the same courtesy.

    As a final note, please know that I will try to work with your schedule.  Ultimately it comes down to you having to choose sometimes: band or football practice vs. tutoring.  Any and all directors, advisors, and coaches have traditionally been more than willing to make time for you to get help so you can assure your education is the top priority.  If you get resistance, ask me and I will contact them.

    I can be swayed with coke zero sugar and owls; in the sense that I am much more amenable to make accommodations in my schedule. I jest.  Sort of.

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