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Mr. S.G. Lozano

Letter to Families

Dear Parent/s or Guardian:

My purpose is to increase my students' interests in and excitement about learning and, most importantly, to help them be successful in school.  This school year you will see or hear about the teaching ideas I am using to better meet the needs of students.  Students will be learning in a variety of ways.  Sometimes we will be working together; at other times, students will be working in small groups, with a partner, or on their own.  All students will be offered challenging learning experiences and all will be actively involved in their learning. 

My goal is to provide opportunities for all students to be successful and to enjoy learning.  Students love both novelty and taking on new challenges.  They learn at different paces.  I will be doing my professional best to attend to differences among students, trying to ensure that each student is a successful, confident learner.  I encourage you to hold your child academically accountable by taking advantage of the resources made accessable on our classroom website.  Please feel free to use the contact information on the same website to get a hold of me.

All the Best,

Mr. S.G. Lozano

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