Kingsbury History

  • Kingsbury school in the past The Kingsbury School is rich in history and tradition.  Above you see the first school building, noted on the back of the undated photo as "The old Kingsbury School," which was built in 1887-88 following a $15,000 bond election.

    Did you know that Kingsbury is the place where the Pledge of Allegiance was first recited by school children?

    The Pledge of Allegiance was written by Francis Bellamy to be recited at the 400th-anniversary celebration of Columbus's discovery of America in 1892.  In Redlands, the ceremonies included The Pledge being recited by the children.  Miss Mary Fackler, Kingsbury teacher, was so impressed by The Pledge that she decided to have her first-grade classes begin their day by reciting it.  In her class were the children of Col. Henry Lawton.  Col. Lawton brought General Joseph Breckenridge to Kingsbury to hear the children recite The Pledge.  He brought this idea back to Washington D.C.  Finally. congress adopted the Pledge of Allegiance in 1924.  Kingsbury's Miss Mary Fackler is the reason that school children across America begin their day with the Pledge of Allegiance. (Source: The Fortnightly Club of Redlands, CA)

    Miss Fackler taught first grade at Kingsbury School from 1888 to 1921, beloved by students of two generations.  She was a diminutive woman, but legend has it she had a dynamic presence.  Here is a picture of Miss Fackler and (part of) her class in November of 1890.  Can you find her in the photo?

    Students of Kingsbury in the past

    Here is another photo from Kingsbury's more recent past (1978).

    Kingsbury students in 1978

    Below is the graduating class from what was then called Kingsbury Grammar school in June of 1901.

    1901 Kingsbury Grammer School Students

    This picture was donated to the school by a community member who found it among family keepsakes.  If you have any documents or photos of Kingsbury School that you would like to share, please give us a call or stop by.