Middle School

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    Middle School Program

    The Redlands eAcademy is excited to offer a blended learning program designed specifically for middle schoolers. Parent participation is required and is key to student success. Much will be required of the parent or guardian. Parents who do not feel comfortable working directly with their child or are not home during the day are discouraged from enrolling.

    The student and parent are required to meet weekly with the teacher on our campus to review the previous assignments and to go over the new assignments. At home, the parent is expected to review completed work with their child, help with assignments and projects and ensure that learning activities take place daily.

    Students are required to attend all state testing sessions and district assessments. The Middle School curriculum is State standards-based and prepares students for high school. Class Schedules are available for all grades HERE.



    Course syllabi can be accessed by clicking on the course name below.