• California Scholastic Federation

    Rules for obtaining CSF Life Membership status:

    A student must be a full (not associate) member of CSF at least four(4) semesters.
    • These life memberships are based on grades earned in the 10th, 11th, and 12th grades.
    • All memberships are based on grades earned during the previous semester.
    • At least one of these semesters must be based on grades earned as a senior.
    • Grades must be in academic classes. One class may be counted that is not academic (band, choir, etc.), except for PE or TA which are never counted. 
    • You need 10 points 
    • A’s count for 3 points, B’s count for 1 point. 
    • NO D’s or F’s may be on the current semester report card. 
    • Up to TWO advanced classes may count for 2 extra points if a grade of A or B was earned. Essentially a C doesn’t count for anything for CSF life membership! 
    • Citizenship marks are also viewed. Any “negative” comments will keep you out of that semester’s signup. This is why I need to SEE your report card not your transcript!
    • You must sign up each semester during the membership drive. Listen to the bulletin and check for posters. It will also be posted in the Terrier Tracks.
    • Detailed, formal CSF Chapter By-laws can be downloaded here...
    • The official website of the California Scholarship Federation can be accessed here...