Superintendent Juan J. Cabral

  • What an exciting time to be a scholar in the Redlands Unified School District! Our highly qualified teachers, support staff and leaders make up Team RUSD, and we aim to provide our scholars the very best in academic rigor, career guidance, social emotional support and safety. We are dedicated to *EXCELLENCE for all our kids, and I am very proud to report that our diverse and extremely talented scholars continue to score above County, State, and National averages on every academic assessment.

    My name is Juan Cabral, and I am honored to serve as the Superintendent of Schools. Our schools are supported by a five-member Board of Education who are elected by you, and their single agenda is the success of all scholars and staff in the Redlands Unified School District. Alongside the Board of Education, I work diligently every day to carry out our mission by actively monitoring and enhancing our top-notch academic programs, so we remain second to none. In my role as the new lead learner for our school community, I have five immediate goals for the start of the school year that include the following:

    GOAL 1: Maintain a successful Governance Team (Board Members and Superintendent) through effective and positive collaborative relations.

    GOAL 2: Establish trust as the foundation for strong working relationships with district staff at all levels.

    GOAL 3: Build and enhance relationships of trust with students, parents, community members and associations through transparent communication that is focused on improving the conditions of student learning.

    GOAL 4: Value the present to enable the future by understanding our district's traditions, history, organizational systems, protocols, and expectations.

    GOAL 5: Sustain and enhance our district's positive culture focused on high student achievement, and staff success.

    Your commitment to fundraising, volunteer activities, and involvement in schools plays a significant role in the success of all scholars. In Redlands, ALL means ALL. We provide specialized programs that meet the needs of our gifted and talented scholars, scholars with special needs, and scholars in a variety of alternative educational programs.

    One of the key components of scholar success is regular school attendance. We cannot stress enough the importance of being present in the classroom. Attending school every day ensures that scholars can fully engage with their teachers, peers, and the curriculum, maximizing their learning opportunities. Consistent attendance not only enhances academic achievement but also fosters critical social interactions and aids in the development of important life skills. Families – Your partnership and support is vital in helping us prioritize attendance. Please make every effort to support and encourage your children to be present and engaged in their education.

    We welcome you to stay and/or become involved in our school activities and to provide feedback to our staff. Our goal is to always deliver the most successful educational experience to all scholars and parents. I am excited to meet everyone and look forward to working together to make this the best year yet for our scholars and you. Thank you for taking a few moments to learn more about the Redlands Unified School District!



    Juan J. Cabral

    *EXCELLENCE - RUSD2025 / RUSD2025 Overview (