How to Reach Out to us

  •  At Mariposa, we strive to keep our families informed.  We use multiple methods of communication including the PTA Calendar; the Butterfly Facts, flyers, email and All Calls.


    Email Updates: If you would like to receive email updates from Mariposa please download and fill out the form below. We assure you that your email will remain private.  If there is more than one email address you would like to have included in the email updates please include both addresses. We only need one form per family.  Please return the form to the office. 

    Information Form 


    All Call Updates:  All Calls will automatically go out to the phone number you indicated as your "main" number when your student was enrolled.  Many families also appreciate getting the information on their cell phones.  If you would like to get a call to a cell phone or other phone(s) in addition to the main number please let us know by filling out the information below.  As with your email address, all information will remain private. Please do not include your main number you indicated when you enrolled your student or you will receive multiple calls to the same number.