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  • Assistant Superintendent Ken Wagner The Educational Services Division staff coordinates district curriculum development, instructional programs and materials, professional development, district and state educational assessments, district technology services, federal and state funded special projects and categorical programs. The staff also coordinates services for special needs students throughout the district including special education, English Learners, GATE, preschool, and intervention programs. Additionally, staff coordinates grant programs, school safety programs and supervises discipline policies and procedures.

    Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services Dr. Ken Wagner Email Me
    Eductional Services    
    Director of Elementary Education Jean Joye Email Me
    Director of Secondary Education Julie Swan Email Me
    Coordinator, STEAM & Innovation Deepika Srivastava Email Me
    English Learners & Parent Engagement    
    Director, English Learners & Parent Engagement Sonya Balingit Email Me
    Instructional Technology & Accountability    
    Director, Instructional Technology & Accountability Jamie Cortz Email Me
        Coordinator, Instructional Technology & Assessment Devlinn Clinton Email Me
        Coordinator, Instructional Technology & Student Data Systems Jeff Im Email Me
    Staff Development & School Improvement    
    Director, Accountability, Staff Development & School Improvement Scott Bohlender Email Me
         Categorical Programs & Educational Support Administrator Rachel Malatesta Email Me
         Coordinator, Behavioral Analyst Marissa Butcher Email Me
    Special Services    
    Executive Director of Special Services Patti Buchmiller Email Me
    Coordinator, Special Education Cassandra Steinbrunn Email Me
    Coordinator, Special Education Greg Minton Email Me
    Coordinator, Special Education Kristine Hubbard Email Me
    Coordinator, Special Services Britta Davidson Email Me
    Coordinator, Special Services Amanda Rivera Email Me
    Student Services    
    Director, Student Services Mark Bline Email Me
        Coordinator, District Athletics & Student Support Services Doug McCasey Email Me
        Coordinator, Foster Youth & Student Support Services Peter Lock Email Me
        Safety Manager Rod Torres Email Me
    AAA Program (REP Foundation)    
    Coordinator/Director AAA Program (REP Foundation) Cherish Bohlman Email Me

    Educational Services Contact Number: 909-307-5300

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