Mission Elementary General Information


    Daily Home Health Screenings: (Please screen your child daily before arriving at school)

    After screening your child, if they have any of the following symptoms, please keep them home and call the school office.

    • temperature of 100 degrees or more (Without fever-reducing medication.)
    • vomiting
    • diarrhea
    • cough
    • sore throat
    • shortness of breath/chest pain
    • runny/sneezy nose
    • chills
    • loss of taste or smell


    Medication: If your child needs to take medication during the school day, the following is required:

    • Pick up medical form from school office, complete it and have it signed by your physician and return it to the office. (Form may also be accessed via the district website under Health Services)
    • Bring medication in original container with prescription label attached
    • We cannot accept medication in any other container

    For the safety of our children, all medication is stored in a locked cabinet. The above procedure must be followed for over the counter medications as well.


    Early Release of Students: For the safety of all our students, everyone must check in at the office before picking up a child during school hours, and an ID is always required.  Children will only be released to adults listed on the child’s contact list which may be updated via your Parent Portal account. Teachers are not allowed to release students early without sending them to the office first.



    Classrooms Visitors and Volunteers: Visitors and volunteers are welcome at Mission. All volunteers need to be approved by the board of education and must have a TB test. All visitors and volunteers must sign in at the front office upon arrival and must present an ID that will be scanned through our Raptor system. Prior approval from the teacher must be obtained before visiting a classroom. Please call the office for information on how to become a classroom volunteer.




    Campus Safety: Safety is our number one priority. Thank you for helping us maintain a safe campus at all times.


    • Secured campus – Only students and school employees will be allowed to enter the campus gates before school. In addition, students will come out to the front of the campus to be picked up at dismissal.
    • Pets are not allowed on campus unless they are service dogs.
    • The most northern parking lot is for busses and staff parking ONLY. Please do not drop off or pick up students there.
    • The most southern parking lot is for dropping off and picking up students. Thank you for not leaving your car unattended unless it is parked in a parking stall. The lane next to the curb and the middle lane may be used for drop off and pick up. Students will be escorted to the cars in the middle lane. Please do not wave them over to you or allow them to leave the car without an escort. Staff will be present to assist. We do not want children walking between cars.
    • Please follow all traffic regulations in the school parking lot and on the street in front of the school.
    • Please remember that when exiting the school parking lot, a right turn only sign is posted and we thank you for abiding by that signage for the safety of all.


    Please see the map below which indicates parking and student drop-off/pick-up expectations: