Administrative Secretaries

Title Name Email Extension
Secretary to Mr. Clarey Yolanda Colunga x32108
Secretary to Catherine Obregon Amber Young x32110
Secretary to Rick Batres Dawn Barnum x32109
Secretary to Ron Kroetz Gabriele Allen x32112

Counseling Secretaries

Name Email Extension
Cathy Kevari x32121
Julia Smith x32120

REVHS Business Offices

Department Name Email Extension
Attendance Lydia Arroyo x32159
Attendance Kate Malinowski x32158
Career Center Director Vanessa Fairbanks x32106
Career Center Secretary Michelle Quesada x32116
ESL Daren Espinoza x32704
Finance Debbie Palmer x32161
Finance Melinda Tuers x32160
Health Tech. Sabrina Mercado x32140/32141
Records Melissa Ramirez x32130
Records Rachel Stark x32131
R. O. P Norma Nuno x32117
Security Dan Kivett x33886
Student Store Tina Martinucci x33840
Textbooks Paula Rawls x32185