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    What is R.I.S.E?  RISE stands for:






    We provide Independent Study Education for students in the Redlands Unified School District in grades K-12

    Students meet weekly with a teacher (or teachers) on our campus and meet attendance requirements by completing their assignments.

    Is Independent Study right for you?  Students that are successful in Independent Study:

    • Are goal oriented
    • Work hard to accomplish tasks without being told to do so
    • Ask for help when they get stuck
    • Build a schedule for themselves, and stick to it
    • Respond well to one-on-one tutoring and support 

    At RISE, we partner with students to help them be successful in an independent study environment.  Independent Study is not for everyone, but many students find they thrive with additional independence.  Our passion is to provide these students access to rigorous, meaningful curriculum and support to find their individual path to success.  

    If you and your family believe independent study is a good fit for you, please contact your counselor at your current school (for elementary age students, please speak to your administrator). They can share the application wit h you which will place you on our waiting list. This does not guarantee you a spot in RISE. It is important that you continue to attend your current school until we call you with an available appointment to start RISE. Our staff will contact you when a spot becomes available.