Health Services Staff

Gloria Garcia RN REV Moore Totally Kids 909-602-2399
Kristina Hendricksen RN Kimberly Mariposa Mentone Judson & Brown 909-602-2177
Jessica Morrone RN Victoria RSEED 909-809-4360 20826
Michele Fowler-Kolbeck RN Cope Kingsbury McKinley Smiley 909-602-2389
April Zainea RN Clement Crafton Lugonia 909-809-4580
Terry Blanchard RN Arroyo Verde Beattie Cram Highland Grove 909-602-2817
Micaela Vazquez Office Assistant Supports District Lead Nurse and Health Dept. Staff, Health Services Paradigm Billing , District CPR training 909-748-6702 20821
Kate Ellis RN CVHS Mission Bryn Mawr OHS 909-602-2819
Mark Bline Director Student and Health Services (909) 307-5300 20851
Andrea McMackin Secretary III Student and Health Services (909) 307-5300 20852