Welcome to Human Resources

  • The Human Resources Department performs functions such as advertising, recruiting and selecting all District employees, arranging for all substitute teachers, maintaining and updating all employee records, ensuring District compliance with federal and state employment practices, scheduling and monitoring all employee testing, and organizing all staff development activities for employees.


  • Sabine Robertson-Philips Assistant Superintendent Human Resources
    Sabine Robertson-Phillips, Ed.D.
    Assistant Superintendent

    Taylor Kahn
    Administrative Secretary

    Lisa Nakamura-Bruich

    Mary Anderson
    Human Resources Manager

    Human Resources Phone
    (909) 748-6774 or (909) 748-6779

    Human Resources Fax (Please note that all verification of employment requests must be received via fax)
    (909) 307-5320

    Questions Regarding Pending Verification of Employment Requests
    (909) 307-5300

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