• Welcome Blackhawks Class of 2024!


    9th Grade Registration Presentation (Video) - Join Mrs. Farley as she reviews the high school graduation requirements, college entrance requirements, and all things Citrus Valley.

    Bonus Footage (Video) - get help filling out a "rough draft" of your 9th Grade Registration Form.

    Freshman Elective Course Directory - read brief descriptions of 9th grade elective classes that don't require an application, interview, or audition.

    Application and Audition Dates and Deadlines - learn more about co-cirricular and extracurricular activities that require an application, audition, or interview and learn who to contact if you have questions. 

    9th Grade Registration Form (paper) - fill this out as a "rough draft" before completing the online 9th Grade Registration Google Form.

    9th Grade Registration Google Form - the final, most important step! Fill this out AFTER you have reviewed ALL the information and instructions above. E-mail your high school counselor if you have questions.