• Moore Run Team- "I run for my Pride!"

    Moore's Run Team encourages everyone, from beginner to expert, to experience the kick of endorphins from finishing a race, running faster and stronger than before, and feeling the support of your team. Run Team is the best of both worlds in sports- an individual sport where students don't have the pressure of letting down the team, AND a team sport where students can experience the support and camaraderie of a team. 

    UPDATE 9/1:

    Online Registration has now been updated to include Run Team (may say Run Club) as an option. Students who have a physical completed can now be cleared by submitting the rest of the forms online. The office will inform me when a student has been cleared. To give everyone time to get physicals and get cleared, our first practice will be Friday 9/10 at 7am. Students should be dropped off at the Deerborn gate by the volleyball courts. All other gates are locked. students will have access to the locker rooms to change before and after practice. I will need to have the office give me proof of clearance before a student can come to practice, so please make sure the student waits to attend practice until after being cleared. If I don't have proof of clearance, the student will not be able to participate and will have to sit on campus until school starts. 


    UPDATE 8/23:

    You can print out the physical form and get it completed at the doctor now. When Run Team has been added to the Online Sports Registration as a sport choice, then you can fill out the rest online and be cleared. I will let everyone know when that happens! Links to the Online Registration are below.


    There are some changes coming to Run Team for the 21-22 year. We will be joining the RSCL athletics program for 1st semester, so an athletic clearance packet and physical will be required to participate. You can find information under the Athletics tab and Online Sports Registration. The page hasn't been updated to include Run Team yet, but students can still get cleared now for sports, and more information should be available soon.  While we wait for specifics, please join the Moore Run Team Remind group for announcements. You can also email Coach Marquis with questions.