• Exploratory-1

    "Basic Computer Skills"

    Keyboarding and Applied Digital Skills with Google Apps

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  • MATH 6

    Carnegie Learning

    Middle School Math Solution

    Course 1 

    Module 1: Factors and Area, Positive Rational Numbers, Decimals and Volume

    Module 2: Ratios, Percents, Unit Rates and Conversions

    Module 3: Expressions, Equations, Graphing Quantitative Relationships

    Module 4: Signed Numbers, The Four Quadrants

    Module 5: The Statistical Process, Numerical Summaries of Data

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    California Next Generation Science Standards (CA NGSS) - Integrated Model

    Instructional Segment 1: Systems and Subsystems in Earth and Life Science

    Instructional Segment 2: Earth System Interactions Cause Weather

    Instructional Segment 3: Causes and Effects of Regional Climates

    Instructional Segment 4Effects of Global Warming on Living Systems

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