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Mrs. Julie Castillo

I currently work for Colton Redlands Yucaipa ROP. I have been teaching at Redlands East Valley High School since 2021, but I have been a career technical educator since 2017. I have worked teaching the Mental Health Pathway since I was hired from the professional mental health industry. I previously worked as a counselor (with a bachelor's degree) in a private behavioral hospital in Riverside. My focus in the Program department of the hospital was to educate patients and prepare them for community reintegration after their stay in a locked facility for varying lengths of time.

Since leaving the hospital, I have earned my Master's degree in Industrial Organization Psychology. My current work (alongside teaching) is in writing, content development, and consulting (in education and with businesses). I bring the relevance of improving the employee experience to the classroom as I guide students through the Mental Health Pathway at the high school level.

I also advise the Mental Health Awareness Club here on campus. This club exists to eradicate the stigma that surrounds mental illness. The club is affiliated with the National Alliance on Mental Illness. We meet once a week during lunch and give students a voice and a place to have discussions related to mental illness and wellness in a structured environment.  

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