The Governing Board believes that academic honesty and personal integrity are fundamental components of a student's education and character development. The Board expects that students will not cheat, lie, plagiarize or commit other acts of academic dishonesty. (BP 5131.9)


    Students are expected to demonstrate honesty and integrity while in attendance at Redlands schools. All students are expected to do their own work. This includes but is not limited to test-taking, class assignments, homework, essays, compositions, term papers, and research. All work submitted by students is to be a true reflection of their own effort and ability. If submitted work is found to be otherwise, the student has shown unacceptable academic behavior warranting consequences. Engagement in any of the following is considered cheating:

    1. Claiming credit for work not the product of one’s own honest effort
    2. Providing access to materials or information so that credit may be dishonestly claimed by others
    3. Knowing and/or tolerating either or both of the above


    Any of these identified behaviors represents a violation of mutual trust and respect essential to the education in the Redlands Unified School District. Students who demonstrate these behaviors should expect the following consequences:

    1. ‘Zero’ on the assignment
    2. Parent/Guardian Notification
    3. Disciplinary Action



    See also the Academic Honesty Section.

    Any assignment submitted must be the student’s own work in his or her own words. Students may not copy or rephrase materials from any other source, such as Cliff’s Notes, Internet source, any other printed material or another student’s paper. When sources such as these are part of an assigned research paper, the source MUST be properly cited. Student work containing plagiarism or copying of any kind will receive consequences as outlined in the Academic Honesty section.