AVID Coordinator/AVID 8 Elective Teacher - Mrs. Marquis

    AVID 6 Elective Teacher - Mr. Bush 

                  AVID 7 Elective Teacher- Mr. Sanchez              

    AVID 7 Elective Teacher- Mr. Petersen

    AVID Content Area Teachers - Ms. Duncan, Mr. Saladino, Mrs. Janiskee, Ms. Jewell, Mrs. Paine, Mrs. Underwood, Ms. Freeman, Mrs. Chavez-Forsythe, Mrs. Camerena,        Mrs. Gonzalez, Mrs. Shea

    Please address any questions about AVID enrollment to  Mrs. Marquis, AVID Coordinator

    If you have concerns about your specific student, please click on the link of their AVID teacher above


    The 21-22 school year will once again be a learning and changing process for the AVID students. We will need to determine what kind of assignments students are being assigned before we can decide on needed supplies and whether binders will be digital or physical. The AVID teachers will be giving this information out in classes as we determine what we need. Welcome back!