• RHS Counseling Center

    The counselors at Redlands High School support students with College and Career Planning, Academics, and Social Emotional Concerns.  We work closely with the Student Center, ROP, teachers, and administrators to assist students with decisions about high school programs of study, specific courses, and further education after high school. An important part of a student’s experience at RHS involves relations with other people—friends, teachers, administrators, and parents. Counselors help students work with these people on a daily basis and handle issues that arise naturally in human relations.

    Students can meet with their counselor virtually before and after school, during lunch, and by appointment. Complete the Counselor Connect Form to be scheduled for an appointment.
    If you are experiencing a social-emiotional crisis during school hours, click here for access to help right way.

    Even though we are starting school with Distance Learning, your counselor is still here for you!  We can assist you in an array of issues.  While we miss seeing you face to face, we enjoy your emails. To speed up the process of helping you with your concerns we suggest you include the following in your emails to us:

    • Introduce yourself or sign off by using your FIRST and LAST Name
    • Be very specific with what you want in your message.  The more specific and detailed you are, the more likely we'll be able to help you quickly and with less emails back and forth.  Do not start a new email string regarding the same topic. This saves everyone time!
    • Provide a phone number and a time of day that is best to call you.  Some questions are easier to answer over the phone rather than through multiple emails.

    Counselor contacts are as follows:

    Mr. Luis Chanure, Counselor
    School of Arts & Industry: A-La including SDC
    909-307-5500 ext. 30148
    Mrs. Kim Elgin, Counselor
    School of Public Services: A-Me & AVID 
    909-307-5500 ext. 30147
    Mrs. Dennise Kennedy, Counselor
    School of Enterprise: A-Ma
    909-307-5500 ext. 30145
    Mrs. Vaughan Kusko, Counselor
    School of Arts & Industry: Le-Z
    909-307-5500 ext. 30146
    Mrs. Maria Magaña-Saenz, Counselor
    School of Enterprise: Mb-Z
    909-307-5500 ext. 30149
    Mrs. Sherry Walsh, Counselor
    School of Public Services: Mf-Z including SDC & HEART Academy, Department Chair
    909-307-5500 ext. 30142
    Mrs. Gayle Dockham, Assistant Principal

    RHS Counselors  

  • Crafton Hills College Senior Day
    Seniors--Want to attend Crafton Hills College Senior Day? This is a perfect time to find out about their programs, campus life, and much more? It's virtual this year and happening on Friday, 10/30 from 8:30-1:00 pm. In order to attend, you will need parent permission. Please fill out this form and include your parent information. An email will be sent to your parent to confirm their permission for you to attend. Once your parent responds to that email, you will be sent the link to register. Hurry and sign up now so you don't miss out! Registrations close on 10/23.  Click the link for the Permission Form.

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  • Sophomore Counselor Visits

    Counselors joined 10th grade English classes on October 13 and 14 to present important informaition for sophomores.  If you were absent or just want to catch a portion again, here are the links to the video and the slide deck with hotlinks:

    10th Grade Counselor Visit Video

    10th Grade Counselor Visit Slide Deck

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  • Junior Visits

    Counselors visited Junior English classes on October 6 and 7 to present information important to students in the 11th grade.  If you were absent or would like to review this information again, here are the links:

    If you would like to meet with your counselor, click on the Counselor Connect Form to schedule an appointment.

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    The City of Redlands is seeking students to serve on three of its advisory commissions. These commissions serve in an advisory role to the City Council. Students appointed to these commissions serve as a full voting member. Applications are being solicited from junior class students attending high school in Redlands. Students serve for one full calendar year with the first six months as a junior through the summer and the last part of the year as a senior. The following commissions have student members:  Human Relations Commission, Parks & Recreation Advisory Commission and the Traffic and Parking Commission. Interested students complete an application and submit it to the Office of the City Manager, 35 Cajon Street, Suite 200, Redlands, CA 92373 or email to RedlandsOCM@cityofredlands.org, by November 5, 2020.  Appointments will be made by the City Council at its meeting of December 1, 2020. 

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  • Seniors - Get Help with applying for Financial Aid for College!

    Visit the Student Center for everything you will need to know about completing the FAFSA or California Dream Act - check out the following:

    EVERY student should complete the FAFSA or CA Dream Act application regardless of your family's income.  Many Academic or State Grants require the FAFSA or CA Dream Act completed to be considered for financial awards.

    The FAFSA and CA Dream Act is open on October 1-March 2, 2021. Apply early! 

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  • Does COVID Anxiety have you stressing?

    Consider joining the  COVID Teen Anxiety group run through the Universtiy of Redlands.  To register and for more informaiton click here.

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  • Senior Classroom Visits

    On September 22 and 23, counselors presented in Senior classrooms. If you were absent or missed something, you can access the video and slide deck here:

    12th Grade Visit Video New!  |  12th Grade Visit Slides - with active hotlinks! New!

    12th Grade Visit Video for Special Ed. New!  | 12th Grade Visit Slides for Special Ed.  - with active hotlinks! New!


    Counselors will be scheduling senior one-on-one Zoom appointments in October.

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  • College Events Calendar

     Fall College Events - CLICK HERE for Student Center Upcoming Events calendar

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  • Virtual Wellness Center

    Need to calm your mind?  Visit the Virtual Wellness Center

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  • Social-Emotional Crisis

    If you are experiencing a social-emiotional crisis during school hours, click here for access to help right way.

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  • Looking for Help Logging into Various Programs?

    Check out this quick guide for accessing important learning plateforms.


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  • Career Express

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  • Introducing a New AP Class for 2020-2021

    AP Computer Science Principles will be offered at Redlands High School next year.  Find out more about this class here: AP Computer Science Principles

    If you are interested in taking this class next year, email your counselor as soon as possible.  Counselors will be on vacation when you go on summer break!

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  • The Harbor

    Welcome to "The Harbor"! Take some time to watch this short video clip and check back each week for another episode. You are encouraged to watch and discuss each episode with family and friends. week 1

    In this week’s episode "Rooted in Love", Mike acknowledges that this moment we find ourselves in will cost each of us something, in some way.  But, he challenges us to pause and look for what this moment is giving to us as well. What opportunities do our current social disruptions and distance from others give us?

    Take some time to reflect on this question. Talk about it with the important people in your life.  Embrace the opportunities!

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  • FREE After School Tutoring

    Beginning Oct. 8, RHS is offering a great opportunity for you: After School Tutoring will be available for all students to seek help in many subject areas. Tutoring takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:30-4 in our Library...and it’s FREE! Teachers and peer tutors are looking forward to helping you achieve your academic goals.

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  • Peer Tutor Recruitment

    Calling all students who need community service hours: RHS is starting a new after-school tutoring program and we are searching for students to tutor their peers! If you are proficient in Math, English, Science, History, Spanish and/or French, please fill out our Google Forms application. You will need to list the name of a teacher who will recommend you to become a peer tutor—please notify them of your request for recommendation. Fill out the Google Form at the link below. Thank you! -Mrs. Ochoa, Room R-35. http://bit.ly/RHSPeerTutoringProgram2019-2020

    tutoring dog

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  • College Workshops for Class of 2020 and 2021

    Attention Juniors, Seniors, and Parents:  In order to be help you navigate the college search and application process, RUSD has organized a series of parent and student workshops for the coming year.  Click here for a complete listing of all workshops for this year.  Please register in advance so enough materials will be printed for all participants.  The registration link is found at the RUSD College and Career website - www.redlandsusd.net/collegeandcareer - click on the College and Career Workshops tab on the left hand side of the page. 

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  • Tutoring from University of Redlands Students

    The University of Redlands has a new tutoring program for high school students called Big Dogs – a branch of Jaspers Corner Homework Club. At the beginning of next semester, they will be taking in new students once they have their tutors in place. Each student is promised 2 hours per week. This is typically split up M/W or T/Th for one hour each day. This program is free to the public! To be added to the waitlist click here.

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  • PSAT Results

    Students should receive notifcation of their PSAT results by mid December.  The question is then, how can I use these scores to help me do better on the SAT?  Review the following Power Point and Video to learn how to link your PSAT scores to the Khan Academy for tutorials and instruction designed especially for your academic needs.  Make your test results work for you! 

    PSAT Results Power Point

    PSAT Results Video

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  • Athletic Academic Support

    If you are a student athlete and are in need of academic support then come see Mr. Norman in room R-34 at the times listed.  I have almost every textbook available in my room and access to laptops.  It is a great time to catch up on make-up work, study for exams, or get help on assignments.

    In R-34 with Mr. Norman*

    • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday during 6th period (we will arrange a best day with your coach)
    • Wednesday and Thursday at Lunch

    *Mr. Norman is a RHS math teacher but is willing and able to provide help in all subjects.  Tutors can be arranged.

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  • Peer Tutoring

    Need a tutor in a subject or want to be a tutor in a subject?  Download the appropriate form below and return it to Mr. Jeff Smith on North Campus.  

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  • Homework Requests:

    If your student is sick for more than two days or you know he/she will be out for more than two days, you may contact Mrs. Avila the Counseling Office Clerk at ext. 30141 to request homework.  It is most effective to email the teachers directly with a cc: to the student's counselor.

    If you know your student will be out for an extended period of time in advance, please contact Mrs. Ridgeway to complete paperwork for Short-Term RISE.  She can be reached at ext. 30104.


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  • 10 Reasons American Teenagers are more Anxious than Every:  We've created an environment that fosters anxiety rather than resilience - Psychology Today, Nov. 03, 2017

    Anxiety is a growing concern among teenagers.  Click here to find out what parents can do to help diffuse the problem.


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