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    Community Colleges are a great place for students to start their college experience.  Options include earning an Associates of Arts (AA) or Associates of Science (AS) or and AA or AS with Transfer for students wishing to transfer to a university. Completion of an AA or AS with Transfer guarantees a student admission to a California State University campus to complete the last two years of college to receive their Bachelors of Arts (BA) or Bachelors of Science (BS) degree. Many students choose this option to save money and to improve their chance of admission to a more prestigious university than they could otherwise be accepted straight out of high school. 

    Community Colleges also offer a large and varied number of certificate programs ranging from Fire Technology to Emergency Medical Response.  These community college programs allow students to gain skills quickly that lead to well-paying jobs.

    Universities offer four-year degree programs along with master's and often doctoral programs and professional graduate programs.  California offers two public university systems - The University of California system and the California State University system.  Students at Redlands High School often opt to attend private and out-of-state schools as well.  Each university system, campus, and institution has its own application process and requirements. 

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