• 2021-2022 Registration Process

    To register for classes for the 2021-2022 school year students should:

    1. Watch the Course Requirement video (below)

    2. Watch the Academic Plan Video (below)

    3. Open and download the registration for the appropriate grade level the student will be in next year (below).

    4. Log into Aeries and go to the student's Academic Plan. 

    5. Enter courses requested on the Academic Plan.



    Timeline for Registration for 9th graders:

    April 9-15
    - Students and families are encouraged to watch the video below on Academic Plan Registration and Course Requirements. 
    - Students should download and review the 9th-grade registration form below.
    - Students can log in to Aeries Academic Plan to select 6 courses for the 2021-2022 school year.

    April 12:
    - REV Parent Night at 5pm (prerecorded video)
    - REV Counseling and Program Virtual Q&A at 6pm

    April 12-14
    - Students will watch a RUSD course requirement video in middle school social studies classes.

    April 14
    - Additional Q&A Virtual Session at 6pm for students and parents to talk with counselors.

    April 15-16
    - Students will meet with high school counselors during middle school social studies classes to review courses. 


    **Registration will be completed using a student's Academic Plan in Aeries. Students will load the courses they select onto their Academic Plan for the 2021-2022 school year. Students can also choose to add additional years courses if they prefer. The courses that students select in the Academic Plan will be reviewed and approved by their counselor to finalize the registration process. Students that do not participate in registration will have courses selected for them by their counselor. **


Incoming 9th Grade Registration

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Four Year Plans and Registration Forms

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