Community Service Opportunities

  • Are you in need of community service hours?

     Run Through Redlands Volunteers (March 4, 2017)

     Our adaptive PE coach, Martha Mendoza, is looking for students to volunteer during the run through Redlands. Special Ed students need a buddy to run/walk/jog the trail with them. It’s a 5k and is free for our volunteers. Basically their job will just be to make sure none of our kids get lost along the run. The Run through Redlands date is Sunday, March 4th and kids MUST report at 7am. RHS has zero volunteers that can do that day. So we are really counting on REV kids to step up and support us. Please contact Erin Herbert, Special Education Teacher in Room J-38. (2/21/2018)


     Angel's Closet Organizer. 

    Pat at Angel’s Closet is looking for volunteers to steam clothes and organize the racks and help students with prom outfits. Contact Ms. Williams by emailing her at (2/21/2018)