School Profile

  • Orangewood High School is the only continuation high school serving the students of the Redlands Unified School District. The area served measures 147 square miles and includes several cities and a large unincorporated area. Approximately 150,000 people live within the school district boundaries for a total student population K-12 of 21,233. The average enrollment for OHS in 2015-16 was 274, which is 45 students lower than our enrollment cap of 320. According to CDE data (CALPADS) as of 2015-16, OHS enrollment by ethnicity was as follows: Asian 2%, Hispanic 69%, African American 8%, White 15%, Multiple 4% and all other ethnicities were less than 1%. 83% of OHS students qualify for free or reduced lunch, and approximately 10% of our students are classified as English Language Learners with 4 languages represented. Male students outnumber females almost 2 to 1.

    The OHS staff includes 17 fully certificated teachers, one full-time administrator, two counselors, three paraprofessionals, one security officer, one campus supervisor, one full-time and one part-time custodian, three clerical office staff members and three classified staff members who operate the child development center. 12 of 17 certificated teachers hold advanced degrees or credentials. The OHS teaching staff average years of service is 17. The state and district average is 14 years. The current student-teacher ratio is 16:1. The current student-counselor ratio is 140:1.

    Community support has become an integral part of OHS. Orangewood High School has the support of many different community and business organizations in this area, such as: the Redlands Community Scholarship Foundation, the Redlands Educational Partnership Foundation, the Redlands Noon and Evening Kiwanis Club, the Redlands Morning and Noon Rotary Clubs, the Optimist Club of Redlands, the American Association of University Women, the Redlands Benchwarmers, Angel’s Closet, Loma Linda University and the Redlands Art Association. Community organizations provide support by way of scholarships, awards, mentoring and extracurricular opportunities.

    OHS offers students the opportunity to earn credits and complete coursework to graduate with OHS or return to and graduate with their home high school. The low student-teacher ratio allows teachers and other staff on campus to establish and build relationships with students to provide needed support. Typically, students enroll at Orangewood when they have fallen far enough behind in graduation credits that they will not graduate if they stay at their traditional high school. Orangewood students are required to meet the same graduation requirements as the students of the traditional high schools in our district. What Orangewood offers is a smaller, more personal environment with alternative instructional methods, flexible scheduling, opportunities for credit recovery and other resources both inside and outside the school to help students make up their credit deficiencies in order to graduate. In addition to the regular six-period day, students can take a seventh period, enroll in credit recovery, take independent study courses, and take traditional high school courses via Telepresence.

    Orangewood offers a teen parent program and child daycare center on campus. We provide special education services to students with active IEPs by way of a full-time resource teacher and a 5-hour instructional paraprofessional. Students have the opportunity to participate in athletics and a variety of educational field trips are offered each year to supplement the core program. The Orangewood AVID program is helping students prepare for college and career post-high school. The AVID elective provides support for students taking challenging courses such as Physics and Integrated Math and half of the staff has been trained in AVID instructional strategies to be used in classrooms school-wide.